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Got Klout? Let Me Explain …

This is some outstanding video that at once explains Klout, and yet doesn’t. Either way, it should be on the radar of anyone paying attention to the social space, especially following today’s news of how the company reconfigured its scoring … Continue reading

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By George, It’s Brilliant!

If you haven’t seen this yet – and regardless of where you stand politically on the recent clutch of “Occupy” movements around the U.S. – you have to check out the infographics produced by the Occupy George campaign. I’m someone … Continue reading

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Spiff Your Online Presences to Advance Your Career Search

In September, I spoke at a local conference on the topic of job searching using social and mobile media. Specifically, I shared quick tips and insights for improving a job seeker’s online profile as well as suggestions for utilizing mobile … Continue reading

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