Spiff Your Online Presences to Advance Your Career Search

The tools and techniques of a modern job search differ vastly from just five years ago.

In September, I spoke at a local conference on the topic of job searching using social and mobile media. Specifically, I shared quick tips and insights for improving a job seeker’s online profile as well as suggestions for utilizing mobile job searching tools.

Below are a few of the simple – but not to be overlooked – quick tips I shared for improving three basic online platforms for career building, and a novel fourth that challenges creativity and is increasingly finding its way into the employment search space.


  • Keep it current.
  • Make it complete.
  • Examine friends of friends who might hire you.
  • Use keywords in your summary and profile that are specific to the job you seek.
  • Write – and request – recommendations.
  • Connect your Twitter and/or blogs to your profile.


  • Do an Advanced Search for the job title you seek as companies post job openings on Twitter.
  • Don’t be overly active. It’s about a balanced, thoughtful approach.
  • Respond, engage and offer to help.
  • Follow the companies for which you’d like to work.
  • Don’t hate.


  • Blog about what you know and distinguish your thinking.
  • Avoid being overly verbose.
  • Be a Brand Ambassador and advocate for those brands you admire.
  • Use keywords to help drive search.
  • Link and be linked.


  • Create a brief video that acts as a custom cover letter you can send to a specific company.
  • Incorporate video into your blog to highlight case studies or professional achievements for which you’re responsible.
  • Take down the video of the kegger in Wildwood.
  • Share your expertise on YouTube to further your Personal Brand.

Check back soon for detailed blog posts on each of the above platforms as they apply to finding employment, as well as more valuable job search tips from my recent presentation on job searching in the age of social and mobile media.

About Rod Hughes

I'm a writer, bibliophile, witty wordsmith and generally a commentator on the world around me. Professionally, I am a partner and vice president of a Greater Philadelphia-based public relations agency that helps businesses get their messages out into the world in a positive, effective way. Kimball Hughes Public Relations also specializes in helping organizations manage crisis communications situations. Contact me at rhughes@kimballpr.com.
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