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The Making of Paul Ryan [The Brand]

Regardless of your politics, you have to admire Republican Party Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan. Over the course of his congressional career, Paul Ryan charted his path to power not so much inside the halls of Congress, but outside – … Continue reading

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Everything I Need to Know About Customer Service I Learned from My Parents … and McDonald’s

I recently bought a house. Somewhere in the process of securing a mortgage, packing my every possession onto a truck, and connecting with various domestic service providers, I became re-acquainted with my long-held appreciation for good customer service. As a … Continue reading

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The Press Release Is Dead; Long Live The Press Release

A new client posed this to me today: “Tell me what a press release is and what it accomplishes.” Containing my visceral response – that I don’t believe press releases prompt media coverage – was a sincere struggle. As a … Continue reading

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“The News” Evolves

It turns out I spend better than 90 percent of my waking hours looking at screens – two computer screens, a laptop screen, my iPhone screen, my GPS screen and my TV screen. It honestly never registered with me before. … Continue reading

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My 15 Seconds of [Holiday] Fame at Oxford Communications

For a real treat this season, click on the Christmas Tree above to see the lengths to which I will go to ensure holiday cheer and merriment. I also entertain at children’s parties and weddings. Happy Holidays!

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By George, It’s Brilliant!

If you haven’t seen this yet – and regardless of where you stand politically on the recent clutch of “Occupy” movements around the U.S. – you have to check out the infographics produced by the Occupy George campaign. I’m someone … Continue reading

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