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Emily Post Would Be Horrified

Networking is serious business. It’s also a serious business of etiquette. The kind about which Emily Post, had she lived in the age of LinkedIn, would have written volumes. Sadly, Mrs. Post isn’t here to guide us. In her absence … Continue reading

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Spiff Your Online Presences to Advance Your Career Search

In September, I spoke at a local conference on the topic of job searching using social and mobile media. Specifically, I shared quick tips and insights for improving a job seeker’s online profile as well as suggestions for utilizing mobile … Continue reading

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Let Me Just Grab My Rolodex …

It’s the most trite expression in the employment search lexicon: “It’s not so much what you know as who you know.” And job seekers hate hearing it. In days gone by, it meant grabbing your old Rolodex or address book … Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself, So Take Heed

History repeats itself, and if you’re careful, it will treat you well. I experienced this firsthand today while at the SoMeBizLife conference where I ran into two old friends from college. My friends had fallen out of touch – or … Continue reading

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